Tea Ceremony Equipment


In some Southeast Asian cultures, the betrothal, engagement, and wedding ceremonies can take place in different months, and sometimes, all on the same day. That is one packed itinerary! These ceremonies are not only to recognize the marriage of the couple but also serve as a symbolic marriage to their spouse’s family as well.

For couples looking to recognize this practice with an essential element of a Tea Ceremony, we have all vital equipment available for your needs. Decorated lacquer trays covered in red cloth–in odd numbers 5, 7, or 9 to bring luck to the couple–can be provided for the procession to the bride, and later, to the groom’s home. An ornate tray and cups used when offering tea to distinguished members of your family are also at the ready.

At Pearl Studio, we fully understand the importance of honoring family at your important wedding and will do all we can to revere your family just as you do.